Foreword by the NWHV

The North Rhine-Westphalian Hapkido Association, short NWHV, is the largest Hapkido regional association of the German Hapkido Federation. The NWHV offers various youth events, courses and tournaments throughout the year, in which the Taekwondo Team Kocer e.V. participates gladly and frequently. Therefore, we are looking forward to the support of the NWHV at the German championship and want to leave the floor at this point to Michael Richter, the 1st chairman of the NWHV:

There it is again. The German championship in Hapkido. For some a long time ago, for us a look ahead. The German Championship in NRW, in a city that has already written sports history. Soccer is the first thing you usually associate with this city. It is a city that is home to students from a wide variety of disciplines. A city with a huge range of sports, including martial arts. Dortmund is home to the sports club Teakwondo Kocer with its young Hapkido division.

Hapkido, multifaceted Korean self-defense, combines martial arts and combat sports.

A great variety of self-defense awaits us on the mat. Presented in different performance levels. Children, youth, adults and seniors. The high art of self-defense is demonstrated in different interpretations. Worth seeing are the fights in light contact. Here, in addition to good physical condition and endurance, applied variety is also required. In form classes, movements are brought together as imaginary combat. With the breaking tests against freely held boards, the sportsmen have to concentrate their concentration of energy with speed on a single point.

The sporting event is only one part. Besides the mat, the athletes, family, friends and guests will find a great program. Great conversations and networking can be fostered/built over culinary delights. The young team of the Hapkido department has collected many ideas and wants to surprise us. It will be a rounded up championship if we all cultivate and live the Olympic thought, “To be there is everything”. We from the NWHV would like to join this and add “Fairplay on the mat and twice as much fun next to it” a participation is always a profit.

We wish all athletes healthy successful preparation.

See you in Dortmund

Michael Richter

First chairman NWHV

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