Foreword by the DHB

Next we want to thank the organizer: the German Hapkido Federation. The DHB is the union of the Hapkido state associations and thus the largest German Hapkido body. We are also happy to establish closer contacts across Germany by hosting the German championship, which will provide us with many opportunities in the future. Here is the greeting of the 1st chairman, Volker Gößling:

Dear Mrs. Milz, dear guests, dear martial arts friends,

it is an honor for the traditional and biggest Hapkido Federation in Germany to host the 10th Open German Championship in Hapkido in Dortmund.

I would like to welcome all participants, all guests, organizers and helpers who will make the competition weekend a great sporting and cultural experience.

The aim of the DHB e.V. is to make the different styles of the Korean martial art Hapkido known throughout Germany. Hapkido, the way of harmonious power, includes kicks, punches, leverage, throwing, and pressure point techniques as well as the handling of various traditional Asian weapons. At the same time, our art also emphasizes breathing and meditation. Through cooperation with other martial arts, the DHB e.V. would like to bring tradition and competition into harmony with each other.  For this reason, the championship is open to competitors from Germany and abroad, regardless of which martial art they practice. After hosting German Championships in various cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt, we are now pleased to be guests in the sports-minded and cosmopolitan city of Dortmund.

Grandmaster Volker Goessling

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