Foreword of the sport club

Slowly the time has come! In half a year we will host the German Hapkido Championship in Dortmund. To get us in the right mood for the championship, some introductory words from the supporting clubs, associations, and politicians will appear here in the next few weeks. We start with the foreword of our club, the Taekwondo Team Kocer e.V.:

Welcome to the German Hapkido Championship 2023 in Dortmund – Welcome to friends.

Based on a small idea, the desire to organize the German Hapkido Championship 2023 arose. Volunteers from our only 5 years old Hapkido group expressed the desire to organize a championship. With enthusiasm and many creative ideas for the realization, the plan of implementation and execution was born. By the assumption of the patronage by the secretary of state for sport and honorary office, Andrea Milz, for this tournament, the first large step was done! In the presence of the Lord Mayor of the City of Dortmund Thomas Westphal, we give the athletes from the different states, the spectators and guests as well as the numerous volunteers and supporters of the Taekwondo Team Kocer e.V. the necessary recognition and appreciation. A special thanks goes to the Secretary of State for Sports and Volunteers Andrea Milz, the Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal, the board members of the German Hapkido Federation under the chairmanship of Mr. Volker Gössling, and the North Rhine-Westphalian Hapkido Federation under the chairmanship of Mr. Michael Richter as well as the responsible Katja Schamrin and Balco Praeffke of the Taekwondo Team Kocer e.V., without whose support this championship in this form would not have been possible. For the German Hapkido Championship, I wish all athletes, guests, and spectators fair and exciting competitions.

Chairman Muhammed Kocer

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