Introduction: Hapkido Club Beckum e.V.

Slowly the German championship is approaching and in the course of this we want to introduce some participating clubs and other sports groups here. We want to start with the Hapkido Club Beckum.

The Hapkido Club Beckum e.V. was founded in 1967 under the initiative of Karl-Heinz Kickuth and is therefore Germany’s oldest Hapkido club. But also in the last years Beckum presents itself well: within the NWHV the club is very active and participates with athletes as well as with supervisors and instructors in many recreational events, tournaments and seminars of the NWHV.

In Beckum, Jun-Tong-Won Hapkido is trained and the Hapkido Club Beckum e.V. is also part of the Hanminjok Hapkido Association. Beckum is also involved there and regularly participates in international courses and tournaments, most recently in the 2022 World Championships in Busan.

We are happy to welcome Beckum not only as a participant in the championship but also as a supporter in Dortmund.

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