Referee plan

To all referees and judges:

In order to save time on tournament day, please enter all the classes in which you see yourself competent to rate the classes. If you start in a class yourself, don’t want to rate your students in this class or you don’t have the technical skills to rate this class, please leave the class(es) blank. The information is not binding, we will create a referee plan from your entries on the day of the tournament.

To the Poll

Update: preliminary schedule

On there is already a rough overview of registered starters and a potential schedule. With the coming entries the schedule will still change. The schedule is not up to the minute, but will be updated regularly. We still reserve the right to merge or open classes depending on the number of entries. The fighting classes will be mixed among themselves to give enough regeneration time. The pairings and the times of the fights, as well as the starting lists in the other classes, can be found there, too! All lists are in random order. With potential cancellations and late registrations the order can still change considerably.

Update: Registrations

With the 14.04. the registration deadline is getting closer and closer, so here we have some more information about the registration:

  • There was an error with the registration in the General Weapon Form category. The problem is fixed now. Please edit the relevant starters and tick the category again. 
  • Please enter only one starter for each show team in the show category.
  • In the days after the 01.04. a preliminary schedule with all opened classes and starters will be published. You can find this then on
  • On the registration page you will now also find a registration for the catering options, as well as the registration for the Hapkido World Seminar on Sunday. Please register your participants there until 16.04. and transfer the appropriate costs, so that we can ensure a well-rounded process. The costs for a restaurant visit at MemorieZ on Saturday will be paid on site.

Introduction: Hapkido at TV Attendorn

The Turnverein Attendorn 1900 e.V. is a sports club in the district of Olpe in the Sauerland, which has been offering various sports with a lot of passion and the best qualifications of all instructors for children, youth and adults around Attendorn for over 120 years. Since 2013 Hapkido is one of the 10 departments in the sports club, which has around 2200 members. The video shows a summary of the Attendorn Ball of Sports 2022, where the branch was allowed to present itself.