Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear sports friends,
I am pleased that the German Hapkido Championship 2023 will take place in Dortmund and I thank the organizers very much for the event preparation and organization. The German Hapkido Championship 2023 is a good example of the valuable contribution made by our volunteers and active people in sports organizations.
In various competitions, sports enthusiasts of different ages can demonstrate their sporting skills. This not only helps improve techniques but is also a lot of fun for everyone involved. The common interests connect people regardless of their origin far beyond the sporting competitions and national borders. I very much welcome the fact that, in addition to the sporting activities and achievements, the organizers are particularly concerned with promoting cohesion and a sense of community. I am therefore happy to support the German Hapkido Championship 2023 by taking over the patronage.
For further organization, I wish all supporters good success and I wish all athletes exciting and fair competitions in the context of the German Hapkido Championship 2023.

Andrea Milz
State Secretary for Sport and Volunteerism of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Dear Hapkido-in, dear guests,

Welcome to the sports city of Dortmund for the German Hapkido Championships.

Almost 200 athletes will fight here in fair competition with each other for the title fights.

I am particularly pleased that Dortmund is the venue for this event for the first time. Dortmund is of course known as a soccer city, but it also has a lot to offer in other sports and is also very well-positioned in martial arts.

As a major city of neighbors, Dortmund attracts numerous national and international sporting events as a renowned host, which make a major contribution to the livable atmosphere and attractiveness of our city.

I wish all competitors much success and the coaches the confirmation that their important work in the area of young talents is confirmed.

My warm greetings also go to all guests from near and far. I hope that you will experience many good and exciting fights at the highest level during the tournament and that you will also find the time to get to know Dortmund with its many attractions during a stroll through the city.

I would like to thank Mr. Muhammed Kocer for bringing the organization of the German Championship to Dortmund. I would also like to thank the sponsors and partners involved, as well as the many helpers in the background, without whose tireless efforts such a sporting event would not be possible.

It is my wish that the event will help to increase the popularity of Hapkido and to gain a larger following.

With sporty greetings

Thomas Westphal

Lord Mayor of the City of Dortmund

Dear Mrs. Milz, dear guests, dear martial arts friends,

it is an honor for the traditional and biggest Hapkido Federation in Germany to host the 10th Open German Championship in Hapkido in Dortmund.

I would like to welcome all participants, all guests, organizers and helpers who will make the competition weekend a great sporting and cultural experience.

The aim of the DHB e.V. is to make the different styles of the Korean martial art Hapkido known throughout Germany. Hapkido, the way of harmonious power, includes kicks, punches, leverage, throwing, and pressure point techniques as well as the handling of various traditional Asian weapons. At the same time, our art also emphasizes breathing and meditation. Through cooperation with other martial arts, the DHB e.V. would like to bring tradition and competition into harmony with each other.  For this reason, the championship is open to competitors from Germany and abroad, regardless of which martial art they practice. After hosting German Championships in various cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt, we are now pleased to be guests in the sports-minded and cosmopolitan city of Dortmund.

Grandmaster Volker Goessling

There it is again. The German championship in Hapkido. For some a long time ago, for us a look ahead. The German Championship in NRW, in a city that has already written sports history. Soccer is the first thing you usually associate with this city. It is a city that is home to students from a wide variety of disciplines. A city with a huge range of sports, including martial arts. Dortmund is home to the sports club Teakwondo Kocer with its young Hapkido division.

Hapkido, multifaceted Korean self-defense, combines martial arts and combat sports.

A great variety of self-defense awaits us on the mat. Presented in different performance levels. Children, youth, adults and seniors. The high art of self-defense is demonstrated in different interpretations. Worth seeing are the fights in light contact. Here, in addition to good physical condition and endurance, applied variety is also required. In form classes, movements are brought together as imaginary combat. With the breaking tests against freely held boards, the sportsmen have to concentrate their concentration of energy with speed on a single point.

The sporting event is only one part. Besides the mat, the athletes, family, friends and guests will find a great program. Great conversations and networking can be fostered/built over culinary delights. The young team of the Hapkido department has collected many ideas and wants to surprise us. It will be a rounded up championship if we all cultivate and live the Olympic thought, “To be there is everything”. We from the NWHV would like to join this and add “Fairplay on the mat and twice as much fun next to it” a participation is always a profit.

We wish all athletes healthy successful preparation.

See you in Dortmund

Michael Richter

1. chairman NWHV

Welcome to the German Hapkido Championship 2023 in Dortmund – Welcome to Friends

Based on a small idea the wish to organize the German Hapkido Championship 2023 was born. Volunteers from our only 5 years old Hapkido group expressed the wish to organize a championship. With enthusiasm and many creative ideas for the realization, the plan of implementation and execution was born. By the assumption of the patronage by the secretary of state for sport and honorary office, Andrea Milz, for this tournament, the first large step was done!
In the presence of the Lord Mayor of the City of Dortmund Thomas Westphal, we give the athletes from the different states, the spectators and guests as well as the numerous volunteers and supporters of the Taekwondo Team Kocer e.V. the necessary recognition and appreciation.
A special thanks goes to the Secretary of State for Sports and Volunteers Andrea Milz, the Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal, the board members of the DHB e.V. under the chairmanship of Mr. Volker Gössling, and the NWHV e.V. under the chairmanship of Mr. Michael Richter as well as the responsible Katja Schamrin and Balco Praeffke of the Taekwondo Team Kocer e.V., without whose support this championship in this form would not have been possible.
For the German Hapkido Championship I wish all athletes, guests and spectators fair and exciting competitions.

1. chairman Muhammed Kocer