The minimum age is 12 years.

The fees are 10€ per entry for each category. For the category Breaking Test they are 15€ instead.

For information about the overnight stay please contact katja@hapkido-dortmund.de.

A detailed info about allowed protective equipment can be found on https://deutsche-hapkido-meisterschaft.de/regelwerk/. If you have any further questions, please contact us at katja@hapkido-dortmund.de.

For better comparability, all breaking test boards will be provided by us. Therefore no late registrations are possible in the category “Breaking test”. More detailed information about the procedure can be found at https://deutsche-hapkido-meisterschaft.de/regelwerk/.

The deadline for registration for the championship is 01.04.2023. Late registrations are possible (except in the category of breaking test), but no new classes will be opened and late registration fees will apply.

Questions that are not answered here can be sent to info@deutsche-hapkido-meisterschaft.de !